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by James H. Cone

The genius of Cone's writing lies in the dialectics, the tension that finds truth in the midst of an identification with oppression as the only route to freedom.The tension plays itself out in both the abstract and the empirical in liberation struggles.In the 1950s-1960s, these two men represented the tensions of righteous indignation as both justice and love.It was further represented in the emphases both placed on their religions of Islam and Christianity, and through the open racism of the South and the more "politically correct racism" of the North.That tension still exists today as we look back and compare the racism of the 1960s to now.Even as Cone wrote this book in 1990, he stated that the condition of poor blacks was worse than in the time of Martin and Malcolm.It is even more true today, with the largest prison population (comprised primarily of minorities) in both United States history and of any nation in the world and obscene rates of poverty and income disparity in black communities.Cone - like Malcolm and Martin - states the hard truth without anything to make it more palatable.His is a voice that needs to be heard, and his writings on Liberation Theology as well as who Martin and Malcolm were and what they represented needs to be considered over and above any mainstream interpretations that are outright lies and distortions in most cases.Both of these men would be castigated in today's American political climate, and it is a dishonor to their status as martyrs to co-opt them for purposes other than complete revolutionary upheavaland destruction of racism in modern-day America.

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