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by Michael Fertik

Hiding from the ever-watching Internet and other proprietary databases is not always a practical option in today’s ever-connected world. More and more of what we do is stored, processed and made available to others.

It can be a lot more problematic than a late-night drunken Tweet or comment on Facebook about how much you hate your boss. Your reputation can be considered by people who don’t know you but they want to know about you, possibly to lend you money, rent you an apartment, give you a job and much more. Your reputation may be analysed and a decision taken by computer – no human involvement will be necessary!

A possibly scary situation with not-so-much oversight, yet it is “early days” for these integrated decision-making processes. You might be able to polish some areas of your online presence with a bit of thought, although it might not be entirely possible to fool the machine in the long-term. In the short-term, the authors note, you might be able to hide any “bad” information by overloading the search engines with “good” information. You might be able to stuff any job applications with the keywords and phrases the computer is looking for to get you past the filter without directly lying. Maybe even the odd perk or upgrade along the way too. Yet computer systems can only get more sophisticated, demanding and possibly less forgiving. Maybe it is too late to totally clean up your online presence and it is not in the interest of all service providers to make securing your online profile easy thanks to their ever-changing “privacy” settings. After all, they want to data mine you to death and sell your personal information as much as possible.

The authors have done a great job in creating a thought-provoking, challenging book that whilst hard-going at times is worth the effort. Should you be desirous of further reading there is also an extensive series of notes and bibliographic references at the end. It is hoped that the book has a detailed index for deep-diving although it was not present in this pre-release review copy. The reader is treated to a great mix of history, current events and future forecasts in a free-flowing, interesting, accessible narrative. A little better internal signposting, a few tables and illustrations might have broken up the stream of text, but these are minor issues. The content is good and, after all, “content is king”.

You shouldn’t have a nightmare by reading this book but you should be sitting there with “question mark bubbles” floating over your head and an action plan being formulated for the future if you have read this carefully. It might be one of your better investments for the longer-term.

The Reputation Economy: How to Optimize Your Digital Footprint in a World Where Your Reputation Is Your Most Valuable Asset, written by Michael Fertik & David C. Thompson and published by Crown Publishing/Crown Business.ISBN 9780385347594, 256 pages. YYYYY

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