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by Joseph Peebles

I-SAC Secret Service Agent Jack Swing is back in "Turn & Burn: It's the Night Train. Bring it on, Jack Swing." This book is the forth novel within the Jack Swing franchise.

Jack Swing has been summoned to Santiago, Chili to investigate a haunted,sleek, Euro-design bullet train called the "Night Train." During his investigation, he encounters the evil wrath of Big Daddy Goldie Dupree and Grip, the Wolfman. Jack's journey starts high up in the Andes Mountains and ends in an underground glass tunnel deep beneath the icy-cold Antarctic Ocean. Jack is joined by an attractive and a highly-skilled pyro-technician who goes by the code name the "Flamethrower."

Jack must prevent a group of greedy scientific geniuses from discovering the Higgs Boson particle, also known as the God Particle. These rogue scientists plan to use the Higgs Boson particle as their destructive weapon against mankind. The big bang machine is their advance technological weapon of choice. This ebook comes in both volumes I and II. Volume I is titled "Turn & Burn; It's the Night Train. Bring it on, Jack Swing" and volume II is titled: "The Adventures of New Jack Swing."

Within the ebook, the author gives his reading audience a whole new storytelling experience. He has added stunning and dramatic graphic photos at the beginning of each chapter. Via the writing and the graphic photos, he takes his reading audience to the deep depths of the ocean floor to the soaring heights above the earth's atmosphere. There are spectacular graphics of a giant, moon-lit mountain scenery, several colorful, deep sea ocean sceneries, a breath-taking dessert scenery, a riveting jungle scenery with powerful waterfalls, and several, vibrant, mushroom-shaped explosions.

Bang! Bang! Boom! Jack's back in: "Turn & Burn: It's the Night Train. Bring it on, Jack Swing."

The author, Joseph Peebles, plans to lead ebook storytelling into the next era. Via his cinematic, high-adrenaline writing style, he plans to incorporate computer generated animated graphics at start of each chapter. Afterward, once the software technology is complete, he plans to add sound and computer generated 3-D animated graphics at the start of each chapter.

Again, the author, Joseph Peebles, plans to introduce reading audiences all around the world to the future of ebook storytelling. He strongly believes that there is a sea of change that is sweeping across both the ebook storytelling industry and the software-driven animation industry. No more are writers confined to just putting black ink on ivory colored paper. Over the last decade, cutting-edge software has broaden the avenues for the astute storytelling.

Writers can weave their own web of magic by combining both their creative writing style with their creative imagery. This is the next generation of ebooks Joseph Peebles will be introducing to audiences worldwide.

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