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by Andrew D. Olsen

I'll be honest—I've grown up hearing about the pioneers and their trek, as well as the handcart companies and their struggles, but before reading this book, I never really understood how bad the situation was. This book shares the stories of 20 different families and how this journey effected them. I love how it goes on after the trek and tells what happened to these people after they reached Salt Lake. I also enjoyed hearing the thoughts of a descendant from each of these families.

I grew up in a small Northern UT town and the home of James G. Willie was about two blocks from where I lived. I know the descendant who restored his home (I used to babysit his kids and was good childhood friends with his niece) and loved reading what he said about Captain Willie. Having that small connection really hit home.

There was something that really struck me as I was reading these stories: I actually knew people who lived at the same time that some of these pioneers lived. Some of these little pioneer children died in the 1900s, after living long, full lives and my grandparents were alive when some of them were. It really wasn't as long ago as I thought it was.

I read a few stories at a time, stretching it out, and finished the book on the day this group arrived in Salt Lake, which really seemed to be symbolic. I would recommend this to everyone—it makes a person realize that things aren't as hard as they seem—there are harder things to endure in life. It really makes me grateful for the modern things that I have at my disposal.

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