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by Carsten Stroud

One of Carsten Stroud's early books. It follows a New City PD homicide detective in the summer of 1985. Stroud spent that year in New York city following detectives and uniform officers as they responded to radio calls and crime scenes. However the book is a work of fiction based on many different things that happened during the months Stroud was doing his research.

It's an interesting read. It is fictionalized so don't expect a documentary. Meaning there are liberties taken (such as one of the detectives being allowed to carry a Dan Wesson .357 magnum revolver. Not in 1985 in the New York City Police Department. No way.) and Stroud often goes inside the head of both suspect and police officer.

There are also pages set aside for what is basically bitching on the part of the detectives about how things have changed and the world has goneto hell ect. As a police officer I can tell you this is a common activity for cops to engage in. Everything is going to hell and back in the day cops were cops and people had their shit together. Now everything is just a giant cluster.

Of course the story takes place twenty-six years ago so where does that put us now? I found these asides amusing, but for those who aren't in the profession it might be either tiresome or distressing depending on one's disposition.

Stroud is a strong writer who excells with atmoshphere and characters. I like his characters. He also does very good action set pieces. You might have to look for this book, but if you're a fan of good police procedural it's worth the time and effort.

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