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by John Fairley

This book brought to my attention the mutiny at Etaples, an event of which I was completely ignorant. In a few years time (2017, according to the authors) documents may be released that shed even more light on this brutal military regime during WWI. Unless they have been consumed by an 'accidental' fire or some such as so many government documents seem to.

In fact, this was the most interesting aspect of the book for me, though Mr Toplis' adventures ran in parallel with the mutiny in which he played a pivotal role.

I found myself undecided on whether I felt sympathy for the 'hero' of this book, he was after all a petty criminal out for himself but it seems fairly obvious he didn't have the most advantageous start in life and he was also a patsy for the British military and the faults within that organisation. It is without doubt he was made into Public Enemy No 1 to divert the gaze away from the horrors and mutiny of Etaples but he was also quite capable of shooting innocent people with the slightest provocation. Whether he was a murderer - he was never convicted in a court of law, nor was it proved with any satisfaction at the coroner's inquest - is another matter.

Percy Toplis had balls without doubt, but he was no Robin Hood, and though remembered fondly by the men he was with in Etaples I'm not sure he wouldn't have been just the same war or no.

Everyone interested in the First World War should read this, apparently it wasn't all needless sacrifice and poetry, and it appears that poor old Tommy had enemies on both sides of the wire.

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