epub Trial and Retribution II (Trial and Retribution, #2) epub

by Lynda La Plante

Trial and Retribution II, by Lynda La Plante.B-plus.
Two bodies of women are found.They have been murdered and brutally cut, probably before dying.The first one works in a massage parlor, and the police sort of casually write her off as a prostitute, except for Pat North and Inspector Walker.The second one is a middle-clas schoolteacher, so the public pays more attention.Then a third woman is mutilated, but she manages to survive.The police get a description of the attacker and his van.They track him and the van down.But he claims he didn’t do it, and states that his employees are allowed to use the van.He has three employees, who all admit to “doing the women.”The prostitute who survived, however, said it was one lone man, and that is the owner of the van, who says he didn’t do it.The police believe he did, and that he, and the witnesses who support him, are all lying.Police believes he has some kind of power over them..The prosecution’s evidence may not be strong enough to convict, and if not, he’ll go free.But is there retribution after a trial?It would seem so.

These are interesting books.Having read two now, it seems that the trials themselves don’t necessarily solve anything, but perhaps things turn out okay in the long run.Some of the same police officers in this book, so she must be viewing this as a series.

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epub Trial and Retribution II (Trial and Retribution, #2)
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