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by Pedro Salinas

Soo, it took me almost three months to finish this (while reading different stuff in between) but I finally did it! It's not, it's not that i don't like Salinas' poetry. I mean, really. But I'm not much of a person of anthologies. I enjoy complete, little poetry books all whithin its structure and themes and everything coordinated, not just a few poems thrown over the pages. Bascially because I can't find any link between them and I get confused and if I get bored with some parts then I get bored with the book. The last section of poems was way too long (I enjoy shorter poems) and the themes didn't seem particularly interesting to me (there are exceptions, of course). But I thoroughly enjoyed his first poems, or even the ones from his best considered book, "La voz a ti debida". Then it all starts going down (from "De largo lamento"). Anyway, the ones from his first books, though more juvenile and innocent, were enjoyable too. They had some kind of... freshness? (I don't think that word even exists in English, but anyway) the last ones lacked of. So, a bit of everything in this book. Guess that's why it took me so long to finish it.

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