epub The Deer and the Cauldron, Vol. 2 epub

by Jin Yong

It's too bad, but I had to give up on The Deer and the Cauldron with this volume. It's hard to tell how much my issues with it came from the book itself, with the translation, and with my own lack of cultural context, but it started feeling like a chore, which is particularly bad for a book that's supposed to be funny.

And this book is funny, often very much so, but it's a parody of its own wuxia genre, which makes choosing it as the first book of Cha's to translate a really weird decision. Plus humor is hard to get across in translation. Plus while I know wuxia pretty well, the cultural context being overlaid with a different cultural context (English) in the translation can really get overwhelming to my dumb American brain.

I enjoyed the first book very much, and this is technically part of the same novel but I just stopped enjoying the ongoing comic adventures of a hero who doesn't develop, no matter how fun I found him for a good 500 pages already. (Also I had to return it to the library soon and also I just stopped being in the mood.)

Disappointing, but I think my inroads into Wuxia novels will have to start with something more basic.

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epub The Deer and the Cauldron, Vol. 2
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