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by John Barber

Transformers Robots In Disguse 4 bring back Megatron after he got destroyed in Transformers Chaos. He returns to Cybertron confronting Bumblebee and his group of Autobots and tries to negotiate but in turn he's arrested. Starscream frees Megatron hoping that the Decepticons can reign superior once again and this is when Megatron transfers from his jet form to his tank form. Overall I found it interesting how Bombshell was able to impersonate Prowl. This is a good book but it's also Optimus PrimelessI would liked have Optimus be the first to encounter his great Rival. This share similarities w/ Transformers Revenge of the Fallen though it's better due to Skids and Mudflap being gone and that Megan Fox isn't oh wait it's a comic book of course there's no Megan Fox *party*.

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