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by Karen Blixen

This is absolutely wonderful!!!!

This novella is only 52 pages long. There is no possible excuse for not being able to find time to read this book. I remember the wonderful movie, but this is even better. The characterizations of the people are funny and moving. Great prose. I adore it. Add it to the top of your reading lists.

I have read about half, 25 pages.

I read Out of Africa ages ago. Was it this good?! Should I reread it?

On completion:
Oh, it was too short! I got interested and then a door was slammed in my face. The movie adds more, and that is good. But the person writing this review, me, doesn't like short stories. If you like short stories or short novellas it is wonderful. Not only does it deal with culinary art, and it is an art, it also deals with how people of different cultures view and judge each other. Not being a cook myself, it was the latter theme that I fastened upon.

The prose is wonderful. It has a style that fits the time and place, a teeny village at the northern edge of Norway in the mid 1800s. I will give you an example so you can judge :

Her mistresses at first had trmbled a little, ust as the Dean had once done, at the idea of receiving a Papist under their roof. But they did not like to worry a hard-tried fellow-creature with catechization; neither were they sure of their French. They silently agreed that the example of a good Lutheran life would be the best means of converting the servant. In this way Babette's presence in the house became, so to say, a moral spur to its inhabitants.

They had distrusted Monsieur Papin's assertion that Babette could cook. In France, they knew, people ate frogs. They showed Babette how to prepare a split cod and an ale-and-bread soup; during the demonstration the Frenchwoman's face became absolutely expressionless. But within a week Babette cooked a split cod and an ale-and-bread soup as well as anybody born and bred in Berlevvaag.

The idea of French and luxury and extravagance next had alarmed and dismayed the Dean's daughters. The first day after Babette had entered their service they took her between them and explained to her that they were poor and that to them luxurious fare was sinful. Their own food must be as plain as possible.....
(page 16)

The humor is subtle. Often it concerns cultural differences.

The ending of the book....well I think the message was a bit different from that in the movie! I very much liked this book, but it was way, way, way too short. That is why I am reducing the stars. It is probably just me who has a hard time with short novels.

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