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by Marcos Giralt Torrente

by unanimous jury decision (which included roberto bolaño), marcos giralt torrente's paris was awarded the 1999 herralde prize (andrés neuman's as yet untranslated bariloche was the runner-up).the spaniard's debut novel is a remarkable work of remembrance, reconciliation of memory, and the tenacious effects of formative moments.giralt torrente's narrator, a man reflecting back on a number of unanswered questions from his youth (most notably, the time his mother spent living in the french capital city without him - and the relationship they both had to his oft-absent father), spends nearly the entirety of the novel reflecting, recalling, re-imagining, and re-processing the events of childhood.with stunning prose and impressive psychology insight, paris is a meditation on the nature of memory and the ways it binds our present to the past.giralt torrente's debut novel is a masterful feat.
when we think about the past, it's hard to resist both dividing it up into blocks in accordance with the pattern of events that have made most impression on us and attributing powers to it that it does not have, allowing ourselves to believe that the arrival of a particular date had the ability to work some radical transformation on us.until the death of my father, we say, i was like this or like that, when we should really say that on such and such a date, something that already existed inside us began to make itself manifest or visible.such nonsense is merely the reflection of a still greater error of thinking, the belief that we change suddenly rather than gradually, as if we could not possibly be influenced by opposing but simultaneous impulses.

*translated from the spanish by margaret jull costa (saramago, marías, pessoa, eça de queirós, et al.)

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