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by Chris Stevenson

Mason Hart has just lost his job, fiancé, and car in less than 48-hours.A short time later he accosts a cop and ends up in jail.He finally lands in a hospital as the result of a jailhouse brawl.He s helpless to quell this downhill slide into calamity.Since he believes all is lost at this point, suicide seems the only alternative left... Until the figure of Felicity Fortune, the Roman Goddess of Luck interrupts Mason s suicidal plans in the nick of time.It seems Felicity Fortune was hampered by the bird flu and few other appointments, so she must apologize for her tardy appearance.She tells Mason that he s ripe for a cosmic alignment, and that his 15-minutes of fame and wealth are finally at hand.He is allotted six chances via the roll of the golden dice for his deserved share of theGreat Cornucopia. But as a result of Felicity s tardiness, the cosmic alignment is about to unravel.Beshaba, the Maid of Chaos, has ear-marked Mason at the exact same time to heap upon him the bad luck part of the equation.She is the evil incarnate daughter of Felicity, and now covets Mason for her own devious alignment.And everything that Beshaba represents is in stark contrast to her mother.It is a deliberate ploy to spite the good works of the mother, thus laying down a challenge of cosmic power.So Beshaba s minions chase Mason Hart across the country to ruin and foul every fortune he accumulates.Their simultaneous claim to Mason forces the two Goddesses into a mythological cat fight in hell.When this push and shove reaches a fevered pitch even the destiny of mankind in called into question.Mason complicates matters by falling in love with Felicity.He must discover the ultimate selfless act that will turn the tide in favor of the Goddess he loves. More importantly, he must tear away the veil of darkness that could upset the divine balance between good and evil.But what Mason doesn t know is that the final key is himself.

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