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by Betsy Devine

Quite good, I enjoyed it. Some quotes will suffice:

Wolfgang Pauli and Eugene Wigner are two Nobel Prize-winning physicists, one famous for his rudeness and the other for his politeness. So you are entitled to wonder if this story is apocryphal. We heard it was true. Pauli gave a seminar and afterwards asked for questions. Wigner stood up and hesitantly began, "Excuse me, but I was just wondering if perhaps you-"
"No, no, no!" thundered Pauli, cutting him off. "Certainly not, you're absolutely wrong."
A pause.
"What is the question?

Norbert Wiener was both absent-minded and near-sighted, a combination that made him a menace behind the wheel of a car. The story is told that once a French mathematician visiting M.I.T. was invited to a nearby party. He accepted Wiener's offer of a ride, and disaster swiftly followed. After several terrifying near-misses, Wiener demolished the car against a telephone pole. While Wiener talked to police, the Frenchman, miraculously uninjured, walked the rest of the way to his party.

A couple of hours later the Frenchman was quite enjoying himself. Then, from nowhere, Wiener appeared at his side. "Don't worry,"Wiener told him, smiling mistily over his glass. "I've managed to borrow another car. Whenever you want to go, I can drive you back!"

As any other joke collection, all the jokes are not good, in my opinion, but nonetheless I liked reading it. Recommended!

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