epub Fangs for Freaks (Half-Blood Vampires, #2) epub

by Serena Robar

Half-blood vampire protector Colby Blanchard knows there’s nothing like a blood sister…

She’s got the half-blood vampires freed from slavery or worse, execution and created a protective haven for them. She’s laid the smackdown for some way-needed new laws. Things should be great, right?

Um, not so much.

… except a sorority sister.
Psi Phi House, the sanctuary she’s created for half-bloods, seems just like any other sorority on campus. The biggest difference: new pledges are being dumped on the front lawn, bound and gagged, left by the Vampire Tribunal. Even with its posh pink interior, things aren’t exactly cozy with the ladies of Psi Phi. One sister wants to return to her vegan lifestyle. Another is constantly itching for a fist fight. And royal bloodsucker Ileana Romanov thinks that everyone is her personal butler.

Trouble in the house?

With everything going on, Colby’s pretty stressed – and her hunky boyfriend, Vampire Investigator Thomas, is more interested in staking out than making out, so she’s not getting a whole lot of relief on that front. And if keeping her half-blood sisters from each others’ throats wasn’t hard enough, leaked info on their whereabouts is bringing on some ugly, unexpected attacks.

Either someone in the Tribunal wants them dead, or there’s a spy in the house, watching them day or night. Or if it’s a full-blood, just night…

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epub Fangs for Freaks (Half-Blood Vampires, #2)
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