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by Bảo Ninh

This is a book that every veteran who saw combat in Vietnam should read. It gives the other side and points up so poignantly the universal suffering of all soldiers. It helped me to come to an understanding that none of the anger and resentment I feel about my service in Indochina had anything to do with those we called the enemy but towards those who put us where we were;who trained us to fight and steel our hearts towards those who were always referred to as "gooks, dinks, or nogs";those who cynically betrayed us over and over again from beginning to end and who continue to betray us as they seek to limit what they must give in compensation for wounds suffered, physical and mental,to keep their position, their benefits their reputations and what they see as their rightful slice of "the pie". They try to gloss over the depth of their betrayal and their absolute lack of morality with fine words about the flag and sacrifice and tradition and by passing out a few more medals 40 years too late but they fail to understand the depth and breadth of the impact of their actions, then and now. Bastards; may they rot in hell! I feel much more for the enemies they set up for us, more compassion, more in common with them. I wish with the same breath that I use to curse our politicians to hell, that those who were my enemy may rest or live in peace.

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