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by Mark Levine

scholarly, insightful, thought-provoking, strongly opinionated, inspiring and idealistic.
the title is quite misleading (maybe chosen for the sake of fashion) and indeed much narrower than what the author intends to address. Mark LeVine, as an activist, politics/religion scholar, artist who has traveled widely across the ME, analyzes the marginalization of the Middle East/North Africa region in the process of globalization led by the Neo-cons and Axis of Arrogance (Huntington, Fukuyama, Friedman and Bernard Lewis, whose "brilliant" book I just read) and seeks to transcend the simplistic stereotyping of the Muslim world by the West.
He argues most of those "experts" on the ME have no idea what's happening at the grass-root level and overgeneralize the attitude of a fraction of radical terrorists as the representation of this immensely diverse region.
the best part of the book is when LeVine touches the most fundamental problems with the current peace and justice movement. It is becoming increasingly reliant on the demonization of the US, unwilling to criticize the Islamic regimes, incapable of offering a non-violent alternative and a holistic approach to the region and inclined to an anti-Jewish, anti-American rhetoric. He's also very critical of the failure of the Left in bridging the religious/secular cleavage, reaching out to the moderate Muslim activists and scholars in the region and gaining a more holistic understanding of the situation. The movement seems to be stuck with May 1968 despite the supposed "success" of Seattle, Genoa, Prague. Levine's solution for grass-root activism is vigorous "cultural jamming" to reach understanding and solidarity, reconciliation with the people of faith, and academic training for thousands of activists to enable them to stand up against repression without resorting to violence. That, as he rightly admits, is a formidable project that takes much more effort than flipping through An Idiot's Guide to Radical Islam.
Unfortunately, the book is not quite well-written and organized. The first part, criticism of neoliberalism and globalization, is fairly dry and academic. I was also rather disappointed LeVine is very good at critiquing people's ideas but he doesn't spell out his own definition or solution. The second and third part, cultural jamming and the Axis of Empathy, are more persuasive with a touch of personal experience and an insightful perspective.
listen to him talking about his own work:

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