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by Paine

The donkey lady is a book of short stories filled with illustrations:

1- The bird and the lion.

2- Hamda and the fairy fish:

It resembles one of the fairy tales. When you read it you'll know which one. But it's set in the gulf.

The illustrator is very talented, I loved her work.

3- The sand and the rock:

A story that I've read so many times as text, but seeing it as a Manga was more beautiful.

4- Hadeed Hadeedo:

I've read this story before, I think it miss some important information. Like the reason for the character name. And maybe some previous history between the characters that would lead to these events later. Because without it the lead character seem more like the bad guy, that is mean for no reason.

5- The legend of Mai and ghaillan:

Beautiful illustrations, didn't like the ending.
Enjoyed seeing the main character get inspired to creat something. It would be beautiful if it was really the story behind the sail.

6- The Gumiho:

This story is more modern, I think it's influenced maybe by Korean drama. At that time when all the girls in Qatar had a sudden interest in Korean and Japanese series.

Loved the story. It was funny and unusual. Having a Qatari character in a Korean setting.

7- The lying shepherd:

AKA The boy who cried wolf, beautifully illustrated and also in Arabian setting.

8- Jouha counting Donkeys:

Jouha is a famous character. I've read and heard so many stories about him. His stories are funny and usually teach a moral.

9- Aroy and Asom:

The plot, where one event cause the other is a favorite and reoccurring theme in our traditional songs and stories. Our grandmothers used to sing to us songs that we later memorized and recited our selfsthat tells stories where something cause something else and so on.

10- The golden cow:

Is an adorable, old fashion love story. I loved it.

11- Om Manakhel:

If this story is teaching a lesson, I don't think it's a good one.

12- The donkey lady:

Is a story mothers and grandmothers not so long ago used to tell their children. a scary story among others that warns children, either from playing outside in the heat or from trusting strangers. Enjoyed it in this book, beautifully written. It's my favorite.

13- The goat and the tailor:

A story my father told me some years ago. What's I like about these stories that they change. It wasn't documented when they first been told and so every time you hear it it's different somehow just like gossip.

14- Hassan and the Jewels.

15- Abu Gofah.

16- wealth, Success and love.

17- The thrives and the tree trunk.

- And at the end of the book some illustrations inspired by stories.

While some stories teach good morals, others teach the exact opposite. Loved most of the illustration, that are some very talented artists. The third star is just for the illustrations.

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