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by J.M. Barrie

I decided to read The Little White Bird because I happen to currently live near Kensington Gardens and regularly walk around them.On one of these occasions, I came across the famous statue of Peter Pan that was erected on the place Peter initially lands near the Long Water Lake in the Little White Bird and I thought that if there ever was a time to read the adventures of Peter Pan as originally written by J.M. Barrie, it would be now!

Now, the few chapters of The Little White Bird that cover Peter Pan’s first appearance have been frequently published separately as Peter Pan in Kensington Garden. And as this seems to be considered the most important part of the book, publishers readily stripped it from the rest of the narrative to not bore readers with Captain W’s story and I’m guessing because the rest of the book is not necessarily aimed at children. Because of this, the Little White Bird in its entirety does not seem to be particularly popular and has few editions to its name, but I’ve never been one to read only interesting passages in books so I decided to give it a try as a whole and it was definitely worth it!

The White Little Bird is at times funny and witty and supremely whimsical and full of imagination, but an undercurrent of loneliness and sadness runs through it(quite a bit in the Peter Pan parts as well) but without damaging the story, more like giving it depth. Some chapters have not aged particularly well – I’m thinking here of the time Captain W runs away with the perambulator and David’s sleepover – mostly because Mary’s trust in a stranger is a bit much by modern standards.

As for Peter Pan, how different he is from all the incarnations I’ve seen in movies and animation! A naked baby, only a week old! I’m very curious to see whether J.M.Barrie changed his appearance for Peter and Wendy(which I intend to read soon) or whether people have adapted the content to their own liking.All and all, a lovely read!

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