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by Justin Eisinger

The seventh volume of IDW's Transformers series collects from the second volume of their "Transformers" ongoing.

IDW's Transformers has been relatively hit-or-miss, but, starting with the ongoing Transformers series (just called "Transformers") it has been almost universally a hit. Working with the soft reboot post-All Hail Megatron, the series focuses, mostly, on Autobots stranded on Earth, forming shaky alliances with human authorities and batting down Decepticon stragglers after Megatron's devastating all-out invasion on the planet several years prior.

Volume 7 of these premium hardcover collections starts with Transformers: Infestation, a two-part story written as part of IDW's big publisher-wide "Infestation" event, which pits several well-known franchises against relentless zombie hordes. The Transformers Infestation plotline slots nicely into the series at large, using the Dead Universe as a jumping-off point. While there are several connections with the franchise-spanning Infestation crossover, it is, mostly, a short, canon, self-contained zombie invasion story, that, nontheless, has lasting ramifications for the Autobots.

Moving from Infestation and into the ongoing's second volume, things start to really heat up. Humankind is tearing itself apart with paranoia. Though the events of All Hail Megatron are but a distant, nightmarish memory, there is severe distrust of Cybertronians on Earth. Bumblebee leads the Autobots on Earth with this as a backdrop, and tensions continue to rise as several countries see fit to hire Decepticon mercenaries to conduct their wars for them. It's a particularly dark view of world politics post-alien invasion, and the final chapter throws some real curveballs that seem to hint at a far, far darker endgame than one might expect. Though, there are still plenty of robot-based thrills and spills to soak in, and some particularly inspired choices of world leaders whom would relish the chance to throw Transformers around.

The third volume of the ongoing is a revenge story, with presumed-dead characters rising to stir up the status quo. The lengths at which these Decepticons will go, for the sake of teaching the Autobots a "lesson," are pretty severe, and it's a far meatier read than some of the stories which flank it. IDW hasn't shied away from being truly mature in its adaptation - Last Stand of the Wreckers is truly gruesome - and this continues the trend of turning what were once shameless cartoon villains into demented, wickedly evil madmen. It's a gambit that results in some gripping storytelling, and this is no exception.

And finally there's an Ironhide miniseries. I love this Ironhide miniseries. Focusing on Ironhide haven woken up millions of years after receiving a fatal blast to the chest, a lot of it is him, wandering around a desolate and ruined Cybertron, alone. It's haunting, and hilarious, all at once, with Ironside's running commentary showcasing his dry, witless humour. The series eventually branches off and provides revelations about other characters, but, as a whole, it leans on a singular gimmick that pays dividends, at least for me. I've always enjoyed these character-specific series, and this may be one of the finest examples.

The art is universally fantastic, as always, with some stellar new designs for fan-favourite characters, and a visceral punch to all the action scenes that makes them truly exciting to behold. IDW seems to have hand-picked creative teams that understand the Transformers mythos to a tee, with dark, shocking, almost depressing storylines, and an almost Machiavellian prose that values fear and dread over joy or optimism. It then combines that with solid sci-fi worldbuilding, and, when it's done, it throws in transforming giant robots. It takes itself very seriously, but it understands that by doing so, therein lies the fun.

Fans of Transformers have grown up, and they very much crave a nostalgic thinkpiece that idolizes the toys they grew up with. But they also just want to see cool robots beat the snot out of each other with fantastical laserguns, and so, this series provides all of that, in a coherent whole that, as is standard of IDW, packaged beautifully and to the highest quality. If you're following IDW's Transformers, I can't see any reason why you'd stop here. Excellent work.

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