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by Scott Seegert

Chapter 1
Cool Games That Guys Came Up With
Bob's Game Involving Manipulation of a Suspended Object by Bodily Movements of Cooperating Players
Guys have long-standing relationships with their plumbing tools, particularly the plunger. And with good reason. Over and over and over again they have been saved from embarrassment and humiliation by the unclogging capabilities of their deformable rubber buddies, and we're just talking about last Thanksgiving.
Now guys can take that relationship a step further, from business to pleasure, with Bob's Game Involving Manipulation of a Suspended Object by Bodily Movements of Cooperating Players. Never before have "bodily movements" and plungers been brought together in such a fun and entertaining manner. It's the reason plumbers are no longer allowed to work in pairs.
Here's how it works: Two teammates support between their bodies a rod that holds a pendulum (ball and string) and, according to Bob, "By properly increasing the amplitude, the tempo and/or quirk of body movement together, cause the pendant member to revolve about the support." This, in turn, "provides amusement galore." But don't take Bob's word for it. Check out the guy in the second illustration—he clearly has more amusement galore than he knows what to do with.
So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge today. Head to your local sporting goods store and ask for the Game Involving Manipulation of a Suspended Object by Bodily Movements of Cooperating Players by name.
Greg's Brain-Wave Game
Greg's Brain-Wave Game offers guys the opportunity to square off in the mental arena, to unleash their cerebral capabilities and go toe- to-toe with a worthy adversary in a battle of pure brain-wave intensity. If ever there was a competition destined to end in a scoreless tie, this is it.
Greg describes his brainchild as "a game having the circuitry for the conversion of a player's brain wave intensity to direct the movement of a rotating circular visual display." Each guy attaches electrodes to an area likely to produce the most brain-wave activity, such as someone else's head. The game measures this brain-wave activity and converts it to a corresponding amount of electric current, which, in turn, causes the disk to rotate—clockwise for one player and counterclockwise for the other. The game records the rotations, and the first player to reach a predetermined number is the winner.
Now this all sounds very exciting, but, to be honest, you're likely to see more scoring at a nursing home spring social. Case in point: The illustration shows the disk spinning at actual speed. Not that the guys will mind. They'll be far too busy engaging in their typical trash talk to notice:
"You call that a brain wave?"
"Hey, I've seen more disk movement in a spinal column."
"Is that right? Well, I haven't even used my prefrontal cortex yet."
"That's funny, because I used your mother's prefrontal cortex last night."
"All right, that's enough, pal! You leave my mother out of this or . . . Hey, you know what? I don't think this thing is even plugged in.”

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