epub Constantine's Dream - The City that Saved Europe from the Dark Ages epub

by Paul Dalen

The story of the Byzantine Empire begins and ends with the city of Constantinople.For more than 1000 years the city stood as a solid bulwark against invasion first from the Persian Empire and later the expanding Caliphate.When the light of learning, commerce, and art was largely extinguished in the West, it thrived in the East.The fortunes of the city and the Byzantine Empire waxed and waned throughout the centuries, yet it never fell.It survived being sacked during the Fourth Crusade and survived multiple outbreaks of the plague in the Sixth Century.And yet, the story of Constantinople is largely forgotten.For centuries student in the West were taught that the Roman Empire ended in 476 CE with little or no mention that the Eastern half of the Roman Empire, the half where culture, learning, and commerce had been centered for more than 150 years, was very much still in existence.To our peril in the West we ignore the amazing history of the Byzantine Empire and its jewel Constantinople, the city that saved Western Europe from the Dark Ages.

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