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I can understand why there are some negative opinions about this book. It is not her best - not least because the twists and turns are so complicated and the ending lacks the satisfaction of the more normal "villain is found and gets punished" we are so used to. Also, the interesting main characters in the first part of the book, Jonathan, George and Andrew seem to fade away completely in the second half only to re-appear at the very end. Jonathan's metamorphosis from self-loathing to self acceptance could have been a far more convincing theme but it all happened "off camera" and was definitely a little too easy.

What I did like about the book was the way it looks deeply into the motivation for the crimes and also the impact they had on the later lives of key players in the rape & murder. Walters delves into some pretty shocking and disturbing issues here - made more so by the fact that the teenagers are recognisable as real people rather than cardboard cut outs of disaffected youth.

Having recently read a lot of crime fiction set in the US, it is interesting to compare that with writers like Walters, Rankin etc. Gross over-simplication perhaps, but it seems to me that there is a Beverley Hills 90210 vs Eastenders split at work here. Both traditionsdelight in unusual and graphic crimes which aim to scare us, but US writers seem to go for glamour and fantasy in their characters and settings - often helping the reader feel outside the action, while the British writers base theirs in rather more mundane and recognisable places and communities, so familiar to (British) readers that they add a sense of "this could happen to me or mine"

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