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by Geoff Johns

When I started 52 Vol 4 I was ever-so-slightly fatigued. This isn’t too surprising, considering that the 52 story is told in real time over 52 weeks (one year). Compressing a year’s worth of story into a little more than a week might not necessarily be the best way to go about reading this... On the other hand, it’s so very addictive!

I’ve re-read the whole of 52 as part of my 2014 graphic novel binge. Volume 4 obviously concludes the saga with weeks 40 through 52.

The writers pull a number of surprises as the individual storylines wrap up. That said, I struggled to keep up with the very last issue (week 52), what with all the time-travelling and the multiverse. Hang on: wasn’t the whole idea of Crisis on Infinite Earths to get rid of this kind of thing? I loved the Booster Gold story throughout, but I was hanging on by my fingertips right there at the end (it probably didn’t help that I read this bit late at night).

The most provocative story here is obviously the one concerning Black Adam. Driven insane by grief and rage after the death of Isis (his wife) and Osiris, he goes on a killing spree that is known in the DC Universe as World War III. The story is also chronicled in World War III, which was published at the same time, and provides a lot more detail. It’s a fascinating study, considering that Adam’s power level is comparable with that of Superman (Alpha level). World War III shows the amount of carnage such a character could cause without restraint. And yes, it’s appalling. It becomes more interesting if you compare his loss to that of Ralph Dibny, who lost his wife in Identity Crisis and spends most of 52 trying, not only to come to terms with it, but to resurrect her in some way. It was always clear this wasn’t going to end well (for both these characters), but I couldn’t help but feel pity for Adam, given the fact that he was set up and intentionally provoked to destabilize the world’s balance of power (yes – entire nations go to war against him)… and just when he was pulling his act together. I’ll be reviewing the World War III collection separately.

…and Mogo makes a cool (if very fleeting) appearance (I’ve always loved the idea of a sentient planet being a Green Lantern) in the Adam Strange / Starfire / Animal Man sequence. Interestingly, this sequence even spawned a spin-off series called Countdown to Adventure.

In closing:
52 really has to be read as a whole to be able to form any kind of opinion. It’s a massive story that hangs together despite a great number of moving parts. I’m not sure how much of what happens here is considered canon, especially with the New 52 “reboot”, but I’d still recommend it highly.

Vol 4 – best bit no 2: Mogo “making the catch”!

Vol 4 – best bit no 1: Black Adam going off the rails and totalling everything in his path!

Next and finally: World War III

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