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by Richard Gordon


This lovely slim volume gave me a step-by-step guidance on how to develop the right mindset for Tarot readings (and life!), and how to proceed with the reading including such valuable parts as grounding, prayer, working together with the client and your and her Higher Selves, clearing the accidental "garbage" picked up during the reading, developing intuition and self-empowerment and so much more!

"Our purpose in working with the Tarot cards is to use this point of focus to develop greater attunement with our own higher wisdom and, if we choose, to use this open doorway to help others." (p.33)

I feel like transcribing a half of this book into a Moleskine notebook and carrying around with me to always be prepared for a reading! And here is one of the most simple and profound truths that we tend to forget when running all over trying to find help outside of ourselves, thus giving away our power and, in a way, hoping to escape responsibility: "TRUTH AND ALL OF YOUR ANSWERS ARE WITHING YOU - NOT THE CARDS! THE CARDS MERELY PROVIDE A POINT OF FOCUS THAT ASSISTS YOU IN ACCESSING INNER TRUTH!!!" (p.5)

I simply cannot recommend this book, which also contains some simple yet practical layouts and suggested meanings for the cards, as well as several example spreads, highly enough.

Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya

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