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by Oliver O'Donovan

Begetting vs. making; gift vs. product; curing vs. circumventing; nature vs. will. Concisely and tightly argued in under 90 pages against certain medical techniques, e.g., SRS, gamete donation, artificial insemination, and IVF. I highly recommend this book, as it overcomes the incredibly unhelpful discourse that dominates most of Protestantism with simplistic categories that question whether a technique involves "Playing God" or whether it is "Biblical or Unbiblical".

One interesting tension that O'Donovan raises toward the end of the book is that IVF owes its success (and continues to owe its success) to non-clinical embryo research and experimentation which creates life in the lab with no intention to place in them in the uterus. O'Donovan writes, "The suggestion that we should thank the researches for their gift, make use of what they have achieved, and simultaneously declare all their research, past and future, to be illegitimate, is strikingly lacking both in consistency and realism. Our view of IVF, then, is necessarily determined by our view of non-clinical research on early embryos" (80).

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