epub The Selling of “Free Trade” epub

by John R. MacArthur

Well, there's a mix of views in this book, and what started out as a unilateral attack one one party, ended up being and independent criticism of all politicians and businessmen involved in selling out America's workforce, for excessive profits. This book was written well before the economic fallout we've recently witnessed, and it reads like an observance of all the ingredients that were put into place to create the economic disasters faced by many Americans. Corporate America basically gutted the middle class workers, and that could have lead to the inability of that class to make payments on mortgages, cover credit debt, and basically sustain itself as wages decreased, and the cost of living increased. Simultaneously, jobs were moving out of the country just so big businesses could save on wages and avoid expenditures on environmental regulations that Mexico seemed to lack. The Swingline stories, the indifference expressed by the U.S. leadership, and the tales of life among laboring Mexicans, all provide an excellent compendium of how U.S. free market capitalist ideals are destroying America, and beginning to erode the economies of the world.

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epub The Selling of “Free Trade”
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