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by Denia Lewis Hester

Grandma Lena's Big Ol' Turnip is around 30 pages and a couple sentences to a paragraph per page. The story highlights a grandma named Lena who decides to grow turnips in her garden. As the story goes along, we see Lena go through the entire planting process. She digs into the soil, plants the seeds, and waters the area as the sprouts begin to emerge. The center of the story is about the one turnip that grows much bigger than the rest, which is evident by its large leafs. Once summer comes, Lena tries to take the turnip out of the ground but cannot because it is so large. It takes her whole family to do it and it feeds the whole town. Throughout the story, the illustrations elaborate on the scenes by showing not only good representations of what planting looks like, but also through showing what Lena's environment and culture is. She is an ethnic woman with three generations at her brick home with a porch. It seems like she lives in a typical, lower middle class neighborhood with a grill out front and a few chairs on the porch. The illustrations are not sharp but show great detail into the the environment, including the house, Lena, and various gardening objects. The vocabulary is not particularly strong though it does have some language that is not proper and more exclusive to the culture. Because the book revolves around this large turnip, the illustrations that add on to the words of the book are pretty vital to the overall story and do a great job at vividly showing environmental detail.

This book would have some use in the classroom, but is not particularly valuable. It would do a good job of showing diversity, but it doesn't specifically hit on culture, so there are many other books that could do this better. The book would be good to use near the beginning of spring when plants are growing. I could see this book being a good start to a lesson in a natural science unit about plants and what it takes for them to go.

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