epub The Slicks (Mutant Hunter, #2) epub

by Stephen R. Cox

Enter a wormhole in Hell, come out in the Slicks.

It's hard to imagine a worse place on Earth than the polluted swamp of sludge, crude oil, and radioactive waste that now covers a fifth of the planet. Fumes trigger psychotropic reactions in those who venture into this uncharted no-man's land. Worse, bizarre creatures crawl out of that toxic slime – dangerous Outliers with ink black skin who walk on two legs, but are as fluid as the oil they eat.

Leon Miller pursues a mutant deep into this nightmare wasteland. Not just any mutant. Number Six is the last of the government's Ten Most Wanted, the Holy Grail that every mutant hunter and glory-hunting wannabe aims to take down. Killing the mutant would make any soldier of fortune a legend. The record bounty isn't bad either. But few have the intelligence, resources, and nerve to go after Number Six. Fewer still will risk tracking his spoor into the Slicks.

Going in is hard – getting out is damn near impossible.

Enter Ben Trills, the personal mercenary of the High Counsel of the New States. Trills wants Number Six dead. While he admires Miller's mutant hunting skills, he also views the bounty hunter as a threat – one who could steal his glory or worse, bring Number Six back alive.

THE SLICKS picks up where LEGENDS OF THE FALLOUT left off. The woman, an integral part of Miller's past, is still in play. The world is still a freak show. And now, the mutants have a nuclear weapon.

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epub The Slicks (Mutant Hunter, #2)
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