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by Edward Fudge

(These theology books always take me so much time to get through.)

In "The Fire That Consumes" (3rd Edition), Fudge offers an exhaustive defense of conditionalism, whereby he interprets Christian scripture as supporting the proposition that complete annihilation ultimately awaits the unregenerate.He takes a conservative view of scripture, and has incorporated the views of his traditionalist critics.Having been raised in conservative Baptist environments, I had been interested in finding just this kind of exegetical exploration.

Fudge writes "One issue alone divides traditionalists and conditionalists:Does Scripture teach that God will make the wicked immortal, to suffer unending conscious torment in hell?Or does the Bible teach that the wicked will finally and truly die, perish, and become extinct forever, though a destructive process that encompasses whatever degree and duration of conscious torment God might sovereignly and justly impose in each individual case?"

To expand on a comment a friend of mine made, the traditional Christian belief in never-ending torture in hell is like an infinity in an equation — it dominates all the other terms.With that infinity hanging there, nothing else can be expressed meaningfully.Anything could be (and has been) justified by such an outlook (just look at the rational for burning "heretics" over the years).

Perhaps after reading Fudge's works, conservative evangelicals could share their faith, not from a Jonathan-Edwards-brimstone-induced dread, but rather from a loving, personal understanding of what it is to live daily knowing God.This could even get rid of the hostile "Christian" street corner sandwich board guy.

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