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by Amy Richie


Definitely grabbed my attention from the start. Ren is no ordinary girl, she sees things.
Having grown up with no one believing her. When her dad got tired of dealing with her he
left her at a mental institution. "Toby" is one of the "Things" she sees, he is always
giving her a hard time but I think there is more to him than what we have seen so far.
The story left me hanging, but I expected that being a series. I hope to learn more about
Ren and the other characters in the book as there is an element of mystery wondering how
everyone comes into play. Not knowing who she can trust, and being thrust back into a world
she hasn't been a part of in a long time will she be able to survive? Or will it all be too
much to handle? I can't wait to find out!

Soft Spoken:

This one had some twists and turns but left me with more questions. I get why Tristan wont leave Ren alone, but where has Toby gone? I missed him throughout the story.. But no fear he is around. Ren is till unsure who she should trust and even though she knows Tristan's ultimate plan she still follows him. With Toby gone and the cursed ones attempts she feels safe around him, better than being alone right? Idk about that..Although he seems charming and generally wants to keep her safe- but is it for his own plans or is it something more? I like Tristan but he does seem a little shady. I did enjoy where the story is going. Will Ren find Toby before its 2 late? Or will she just end back up at 9 crosses? I guess we will see...


In this one we find ourselves still doubting who to trust. Last time we left Ren she was on a bus to somewhere.. Her and Toby get off the bus and end up at a Cabin, where they run into Nona. While Ren is taking a shower Toby and Nona are talking. Once she is done she over hears them talking and becomes even more unsure of her purpose. She wants to save Toby, but that means ending her life. If she kills herself she will become one of Tristan's cursed. If she dies another way he will be free to be with Violet again. But what does Toby want? Yes he wants to be free of the curse.. But does he really want to be free of Ren? I was a little disappointed when it ended, it felt a little rushed but that could be that I didn't want it to end. I loved the characters I found within the pages and wish there could be more!!

Overall: Overall it was a great read with wonderful characters and kept me intrigued through out. The story was well written with only a few minor typos here and there. If you want something different that you can read in no time this series if definitely for you!!

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