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by Jane Martin

I learned a lot from this book. And one of it is about separation. Not just from someone, but from anything. It's basically about these women living their daily lives. Each character has their own bizarre, if not poignant, story.

Another thing I like about the book, is that it's an easy read. The language is very... in the now, it was written in the 80s, i think. Anyway, it's so simple. yet there's an incredible depth to every story. I finished reading it in half a day (not even!), 'cause the library said I need to return the book the next day, but the stories lingered in my head for a significant length of time. Not that I don't understand the stories, no. It's just that, as I go through my daily life, I keep thinking about the same difference I have with those women. It's funny, 'cause I wouldn't have thought about what I have in common with a snake handler... or a girl in the Rodeo... more less the actress. It's hilarious (as in 'amazing' xP).

I'd like to watch these monologues in production.

Anyone? Please?

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