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by Jose Beth Smolensky

AN AWAKENING Before marriage to my husband I had always strived to excel in all things that I did. Now it seemed I had compromised my innermost feelings to obey the "man of the house" and to conform to the prevailing expectations of marriage and commitment. In the early '50s this was the standard role of women. I had little to no exposure as to what marriage could or should be. Until my marriage at age twenty-two, I had been totally absorbed in my difficult studies in music, and in working for my father in his athletic clubs in Coney Island. I imagined that the wedded state of life would be wonderful and happy. I was expected to take a man's, my new husband's, desires and wishes as my own. My life would be centered on someone who turned on me, cheated on me numerous times, and most frightening of all was in the process of eliminating me, by false imprisonment. HOW DO YOU FIND YOUR FOUR MISSING CHILDREN? HOW DO YOU SAFELY AND SUCCESSFULLY RUN FROM AN ENEMY? HOW DO YOU SURVIVE? WHERE DO YOU BEGIN?

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