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by Jim Young


“To say a picture is worth 10,000 words was never more true than here. Both the images and words convey a story ‘the church’ would rather not tell.”

“A virtuous treatment that rings the inner bell with profound resonance!”

“Provocative, redeeming photography that unshackles devotional servitude…a coffee table and conversational must!”

“A titillating crucible, contrasting compassion and servitude, virtuosity and betrayal, liberation and infringement.”

“A stunning portrayal of Mary Magdalene’s empathic nature!”

SURRENDER is a photographic essay dedicated to surrendering erroneous, shallowly placed beliefs and dogma we’ve been led to believe are the truth. Stripping ourselves naked of the erroneous religious depictions we’ve clothed ourselves with, we come to witness what rings true to us inwardly, where we are free from all imposition and limitation. Once naked before God, we allow ourselves to find deeper meaning from a far more reliable source: the still, small voice heard inwardly. Listening with spiritual intent, we can also come to honor our feelings authentically felt. As Truth becomes more aware, we come to fully understand that the historic presentation of the crucifixion is but a metaphor about resurrection—being born again—about each of us being born into cosmic, Christ consciousness as our daily bread and foundation for life.

One very good way to access the inward Source is by meditating on images, particularly images that jolt us from previous depictions, even our predilections about life itself. As we surrender the old, we have more room to receive deeper meaning in other ways. Putting yourself in place of the figures portrayed may well set free any debris that has inappropriately cloaked awareness from view. At the very least, you may well learn that to feel and discern deeply is a necessary part of our spiritual walk, a significant undercurrent that propels transcendence into being.

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