epub Gordie and Skoot Kill a Bear epub

by James Renner

so, of all the little james renner short stories i have read on my nook, this one is my least favorite.it is not at all bad; it's just that i really freaking loved both Keepsakes and Googleplex, so it was a tough party to crash. and, naturally, this is the one i hear is going to be part of a continuing series, so i guess i will have to learn to love it as much as its friends. although i have a feeling that this one will benefit from additional strap-on stories. it seems like there are more opportunities for expansion here, whereas keepsakes was a perfectly-encapsulated story, and googleplex could maybe have had a follow-up, but it would have weakened its impact. with this one, itwill be interesting to see how it continues and where it goes, and who knows - maybe by the end of it i will love it with all of my heart, and i will look back on this hesitant review with fond nostalgia at how little i knew...

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epub Gordie and Skoot Kill a Bear
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