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by P.M. Boekhoff

This book was a biography by P.M. Boekhoff with a lexile of 740. Even though it was an easy read, it had such a high lexile level because the interest was for the higher grades. This biography was all about the life and times of Galileo Galilei. The point of view was third person because it was told as though thought someone was looking at Galileo's life. The Setting took place mostly in Italy because that is where he grew up, and most of his travels took place there. The plot of this book was telling the reader all about Galileo Galilei. It went into depth about where he grew up, his education, the many things he invented, and how his views differed from that of the Catholic church. The main ideas of this book were math, science, and not be afraid to express you own views even if they are different from popular opinion. I would recommend this book because it was full of useful information about Galileo, and the language was very easy to understand. My personal reaction was that i never knew that there was so much controversy surrounding Galileo's studies!

Concluding statement: Always question what you know, never stop.

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